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What Is DailyClicks?
DailyClicks Is An Online Advertising Company.
We Are NOT an Autosurf, Multi-Level Marketing Site, Pyramid, Ponzi,
Matrix or “Get Rich Quick” scheme.
We Are A FREE English Based & International Service
That Allows Advertisers To Reach Thousands Of Potential Customers.

Who Owns DailyClicks?
There Are 3 Members Of The DailyClicks Team
The Main Administrator’s Name Is Mike.

How Can I Contact Admin?
You Can Email Us Anytime At

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  • How Does DailyClicks Work?
    There are 2 parts to DailyClicks:
    “Advertisers” - People Looking To Advertise Online.
    “Members” - People Looking To Make Some Extra Money Online.

    Is It Free To Join?
    Yes. We Do Offer A Premium Membership Also.
    Premium Membership Comes With Some Extra Benefits.

    Why Cant I Login?
    Many accounts are removed daily for cheating.
    It can be one of many things…Autoclicker programs, multiple accounts, hacking, spamming…etc.
    Check the Blacklist on the forum for your name.

    What Happens If I Am Caught Cheating?
    Your account will be closed, and all monies accumulated are lost!

    Why Has My Account Been Closed?
    There are many reasons your account could have been closed…
    -Any form of cheating.
    -Foul language sent to our email.
    -Use of the word SCAM sent to our email, or used on the internet about us.
    -Inactivity for 30 days…

    How Much Is A Premium Membership?
    Currently Premium Memberships Are A $49.95 One Time Fee.
    We also have a Monthly Membership for $5.00 a month.
    This Fee Is Non Refundable.
    Premium Membership Does Not Guarantee Anything Except
    giving you a variety of additional earning options.

    Why are there no links to click today?
    Links are added throughout the day.
    If you don’t see any now, there may be some later.
    Links rely on advertisers. If there are no advertisers,
    there will be no links to click.

    Are Advertisements Guaranteed?
    No, We Cannot Guarentee That There Will Always Be
    Advertisements Available.

    Who Can Join DailyClicks?
    Anyone With A PC (unique ip address)
    and An AlertPay account.
    You also need your own email address.

    How Can I Make Money At DailyClicks?
    First You Need To Become A Member Which Is Free To Join.
    Once You Are A Member, You Can Earn Money By Viewing Advertisements.
    These Are 30 Second Ads, Similar To A TV Advertisement.
    You Can Also Earn Money By Referring Other People Who Become Members.
    Commissions Are Paid On Only 1 Level Down.
    Only Premium Members Can Cashout Though.

    What Payment Processors Do You Accept?
    We currently accept AlertPay, AlterGold,
    & LibertyReserve. They can ONLY be used to purchase.
    We also accept Google Checkout, which uses Credit Cards for purchasing.
    We ONLY do payouts via AlertPay, and USA DebitCards.

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    It amazes me that Elsa could have such friends so opposite of her intelligence. She nodded, It s like terrible hunger pains, like you haven t eaten all day. A careful examination of the young faces around her who wiped a snotty nose or hugged a wailing child reminded Megan of her biological clock which ticked loudly in her ears.
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  • I didn t know if I could trust you or not. He laughed, Oh, but you taste so sweet, so don t tempt me.

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    Can I Have More Than 1 Account?
    No, You Are Only Permitted To Open 1 Account
    Per Ip Address, Email Address, And AlertPay.
    If you are caught with more then one account open
    (we have a very strict auditing process before monthly payments are sent) your account(s) will be terminated,
    your ip address(es) will be possibly be banned and you will not receive any earnings.

    How Do I Refer Others To DailyClicks?
    You Are Given A Unique Url To Promote, Which Can
    Be Found In Your Members Area.

    Do You Have Un-Referred Users?
    At Times We Do. We know how difficult and time consuming referring others can be,
    especially when you simply don’t have the time.
    Why not let us do the referring for you?
    In fact, we’ve already got newly registered members who joined
    without a referrer who we can automatically place beneath you and let you reap the rewards!
    Check out the “Purchase Referrals” page within the members area to see the current pricing.
    As Of Now, We Cannot Guarantee These Referrals Will Be Active. This May Change In The Future.
    This Is A Buy At You Own Risk Situation.
    If You Are Worried That They Will Not Be Active Members, Please Reconsider Your Purchase.
    This Is Also A Non-Refundable Purchase.

    How Often Are My Stats Updated?
    Your Stats Are Updated Instantly.
    You Can Refresh The Page At Anytime To See The Live Update.

    How Do I Get Paid?
    We ONLY make payments via AlertPay, and USA DebitCards.

    Are There Any Fees?
    We Do Not Charge Any Fees For Receiving Payments.
    You Will Only Receive A Fee From The Processors Themselves.

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    What we need are more men and women coming together in the bonds of holy matrimony. I guess we ll just have to stick around a little longer. The blond leaned forward and slowly said, Because that s their job.
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  • When Do I Get Paid?
    Only Premium members Can Cashout.
    You Will Need To Request Payment.
    Anytime You have the minimum balance in your account.
    You can only have one cashout pending at any given time.

    What Is The Minimum Amount Required To Request A Payment?
    The Minimum Amount Required To Request A Payment Is $10 For Premium Members.
    Free Members can not cashout.

    How Long Does It Take To Receive My Payment?
    Considering the amount of pending cashouts, and the period of time it takes
    to make transfers from payment processors, and for affiliate checks to clear,
    we currently cannot give an estimated time on when you will receive your payment.
    There is at least a 60 day wait period, not including weekends.
    Do not email us about your payments. Payments are made everyday, you will be paid.

    How can I be sure that I’ll get paid?
    DailyClicks is Legitimate U.S. company.
    Unlike many other internet ventures where the owners can easily pick up and run,
    DailyClicks is a real business. We provide high quality support for free
    so you can always be sure that your questions will be answered.

    With DailyClicks, there is no investment involved.

    Rgister here


    My Favorite PTC Site

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    Welcome to

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    He finally fell asleep and the stream of sunlight hitting his eyes woke him in the morning. Cole quickly shut the empty case and shoved it into the safe. She never judged Linda for her faults, she knew her heart was in the right place most times.
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    AdverCash combines advertisers intuition to get new clients, with clients intuition to get more cash.
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    How do I get money

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    However, she was thankful that she at least got one paper done.

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    Pinoy Bux

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    Become a member of our own PINOYBUX. An international and FREE English based service that allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their ad on our, “Surf Ads” page.

    How does it work?
    You view websites in 30 second sessions via the “Surf Ads” page. Once the 30 seconds is up, you’ll either get a green tick sign or a red ‘X’. The green tick sign means you’ve earned $0.01 and as premium member $0.0125 for the visit and the ‘X’ means you have not earned money for the visit. You’ll get red X’s when you have more than one website from the “Surf Ads” page open. When this happens, you get no credit.

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    New born

    August 11th 2008 by Admin in Uncategorized 201 comments

    A newborn baby was laughing real hard with his tiny fists closed. The doctor unfolded his tiny fingers and found the BIRTH CONTROL PILL. Baby said: “hahahaha I’m alive”


    Invisible User

    August 8th 2008 by Admin in Uncategorized 138 comments

    visit if you want to know if your Yahoo Messenger Buddy is invisible


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    Pidgin Messenger

    August 6th 2008 by Admin in Uncategorized 65 comments


    My friend shared his IM (Internet Messenger) to me. To my curiosity I key in PIDGIN to my search engine. Then I was impressed about the software. According to PIDGIN’s official website, this software will enable the user to use all of your IM accounts at once. WOW that’s amazing. I no longer install all my IM messenger!

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    I didnt have my sim yet

    August 6th 2008 by Admin in Uncategorized 64 comments

    I registered to umobile 1 month ago I’m wondering why i didn’t have my sim yet.I inputted my correct information to the registration form but still didn’t have my sim. I tried to send invitation code to my other email account but I didn’t receive any of the code.


    Smart Retailer

    August 1st 2008 by Admin in Uncategorized 104 comments

    Smart Retailer

    Hello Smart Retailer! I have good news to everyone.

    I’m going to tell you how to send load to your customers even if you don’t have a personal load.

    This is the format:

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